What’s great and not so great about eyelash extensions?

What’s great about eyelash extensions?

When applied by a skilled lash artist, extensions can make your eyes look naturally glorious. They look a lot more real than ordinary false eyelashes. That’s because standard false lashes come attached, all in a row, on a foundational strip, which is simply glued to the lash line.

In contrast, eyelash extensions are attached by tweezers, one at a time, to each individual natural lash. Each artificial extension is the same diameter and consistency as the natural lash to which it is bonded. The best extensions trace and enhance your own eye shape. No wonder they look so real.

You’ll save time. You won’t need to bother with mascara if you’re wearing extensions, because they’re doing mascara’s job way better than mascara can. If you want, you can forget eye makeup. And you’ll never have to use an eyelash curler.

All extensions can be customized for any kind of lash look. You pick the length and degree of curl with your stylist. Extensions can last throughout an average growth cycle of natural eyelashes.


What’s not so great about eyelash extensions?

That average eyelash growth cycle lasts about 6 to 8 weeks. Each synthetic lash will be lost, of course, when the natural lash to which it is attached is naturally shed.

Volume lashes require maintenance

To maintain the desired fullness, touch-ups should be done every three weeks or so. “Maintenance” means that a new artificial lash is attached to each natural lash that has emerged since your last visit to a lash bar. (Yes, “lash bar”. That’s what they’re called, despite the dark connotations.)

Eyelash extension care

After you’ve been lashed up, you’re going to need to avoid any sort of moisture, including steam, near your eyes. After the first couple of days, you can shower, but you’ll need to blow dry your extensions, on the cool setting, while you caress them with a special spoolie brush. You may need to sleep on your back.

You can’t rub your eyes when you have eyelash extensions, which means you have to work around the eye area when you’re washing your face.

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