What is volume eyelash extensions?

Volume eyelashes are impressive with thick, long, and curved lashes, creating accents for the eyes without having to curl eyelashes or use mascara.
Although appearing after the classic style of eyelash extensions, volume eyelash extensions have made many women love and have to try once in their life. Because of their own special and impressive features, volume eyelash extensions have always affirmed their firm position in beauty services from the past to the present.


When it was released, this type of eyelash extension won the hearts of most women. Some outstanding advantages of this style of eyelash extensions, such as:

  • Curved, long, and black lashes create depth for the eyes:Because of using the technique of connecting many false eyelashes to 1 real eyelash. So after done, the eyelashes become black, long, and naturally curled without the need to use eyelash curlers or mascara.
    Not only that, the eyelashes are arranged neatly and in a straight line, so the eyes will become big, and deep and increasing the charm and attracting everyone’s eyes.
    Regarding the thickness of the eyelash extensions, the technician can adjust them to best suit your eye shape.
  • Pleasant and create the 3D effect: 
    Volume lashes create a 3D effect when viewed. Although the number of eyelash extensions is high, because the material of the eyelashes is thin and light, when applying eyelashes, there is no feeling of heavy eyelids, no vision, and discomfort.

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