What Are Mink Lashes ?

With so many different sorts of lashes available, it might be difficult to decide between them when looking for the distinctions and which one is best for whom. What exactly are mink lashes, and why do people love them?

Mink lashes are the most popular type of lash in today’s industry, and we’re here to guide you through what they truly are.

What are mink lashes made from?
Most lashes to claim they are made with mink are actually made with a synthetic material called PBT.

PBT is a plastic substance that has excellent shape memory, does not deform for a long time after processing and it’s an ideal material to make eyelashes with! You can also find PBT in common household items such as toothbrushes.

What Real Mink Lashes?
Real mink lashes provide an incredibly natural look that closely matches human eyelashes. They’re not for everyone, but real mink lash extensions typically last longer and give off a lighter feel than alternatives because they’re so light! Mink hair is extremely close to the hair on your lashes making these false eyelashes really desirable.

The downside?

They cost a little more than other lashes and that’s about it. For how long these lashes last the price is well worth it.

What is the finest mink lash?
Mink, silk, and cashmere may be composed of synthetic materials but each fabric type has its own unique properties. For example, mink eyelashes feel soft and lush while royal sables lash extensions offer a crisp texture with an icy sheen.

Minks can also come in many different colors; some brands call them “mink” or use another moniker like “royal sable.” Flat eyelash extender styles vary by brand as well–some refer to these products more generically (such as calling all types of synthetics simply “synthetic”) whereas others focus on identifying which animal was used for the fur(e).

So the finest mink lash is the real product of mink fur for your natural lashes.

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