The Active Lifestyle with Lash Extention

As it turns out, lash extensions are tough enough to withstand almost any activity!

Activities like marathons.

Millions of us jog, hike, or engage in grueling activities like marathons. Obviously, that’s sweat-inducing business, so it’s only natural to wonder whether the dampness will negatively impact your extensions. And you’ve probably heard that lash extensions aren’t supposed to get wet, so your concerns are certainly legitimate.

The reality is, though, that you can get your lashes wet. In fact, you should get them wet daily, and gently cleanse them with a mild cleaner to remove dirt, oil, and debris. Otherwise, you’ll risk irritation or infection. With that in mind, you’ll be thrilled to learn that your extensions can easily withstand your running and jogging.

“Just be sure to clean the sweat and oil away when you’re done!”


A lot of people swim regularly. It’s great exercise, and an easy way to relax and unwind from a stressful day. If you’re planning on getting extensions, though, there are a few things you need to know:

  • Swimming in fresh or salt water will not harm your extensions. Just rinse the salt or any debris when you’re done, and your lashes should be perfectly fine.
  • Swimming in chlorine can be another matter entirely, since chlorine can irritate the eyes and prompt you to rub them. If you’re swimming in a pool, try goggles.
  • Still not sure? Well, you can always wear goggles in any watery environment and remove all doubt.


Lash extensions will be your reliable companion throughout even the busiest day. The bottom line is simple: professionally-applied lash extensions are not just glam for those special occasions, but beauty enhancements that are tough enough to keep pace with even the most active lifestyle.

If you’re ready to discover how the best eyelash extensions in Orange, CA can keep you looking and feeling great as you enjoy your active lifestyle, give us a call to schedule your appointment today.

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