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Let’s Brush Your Lashes and Extensions

When you brush your extensions, you can help to remove any dust, pollen, oils, or eye makeup that may accumulate on the lashes throughout the day. Brushing dislodges those particles more effectively than your daily wash and rinses, preventing buildup over time.

Best Option for Perfect Lashes


following guidelines and properly caring for the new extensions daily, these women can safely make lash extensions an integral part of their beauty regimen. If you take care of your lash, it will safe.

Quick Questions to Help You Make the Right Decision

Are you satisfied with your natural lashes?

No, look at your lashes. Do they lack that perfect curl, thickness, and lush look that you truly crave? Or anyone talks about your eyelash that is so beautiful, don’t you?  If you’ve always wished that your lashes had more to offer, then it’s a safe bet that you should probably consider a trip to your local eyelash extension salon.

2021 Lash Trend #1: Colored Lashes

Color lash extensions, once used for only a few eccentric clients, will be embraced by a more general population. A big makeup trend in colorful eyeshadow and eyeliner makes this transition easier for many as color lashes will blend in with their whimsical backgrounds instead of standing out too much on their own.

Reasons to Try Lash Extensions

If you’ve yet to experience the joys of eyelash extensions, here are the top seven reasons you should try them today.


The application is quick, it’s painless, and it works! All you need to do is lie down in bed and close your eyes for approximately 90 minutes while listening to relaxing music playing. BOOM! we are done,  your eyelashes will be looking incredibly luscious and natural.

Why you should go to a Beauty Salon?

How lash extension procedure is done by the lash artists? With the help of fine tweezers, the professional dip the edge of a fake eyelash in a bonding agent and then applies it to a natural lash. It is attached one millimeter over the core of your natural lash. To get the best results, lashes need to be attached independently. The entire process takes 1 to 3 hours depending on how denser you want your lashes to be.

Prices Vary So Much?

There are three main reasons why the price of a full set or a refill differs between lash technicians.

1. Experience:

A recent graduate of lash extension training will start at about 50% of what a seasoned lash artist will be charging. New lashers will be slower, extremely cautious, and a little nervous. They may not be getting the maximum number of lashes that a seasoned lash artist will.

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