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The benefits of Eyelashes Extensions!

For some people, the care for our eyelashes is not needed, and for others, it is essential for life.

 What are Lash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are attached to natural eyelashes. It is made with semi-permanent synthetic fibers.  The individual’s eyelashes hair is put on using semi-permanent glue.  There is a different types of variations of eyelash style you can go for, from the curl patterns to even how much volume you would like to have.

Eyelash Extension

Eyelash Extensions Are Such A Popular Trend????


Women adore lash extensions because they make their eyes look younger, more stunning, alert, and gorgeous while also saving time on beauty tasks like mascara application.
The 5 most prevalent reasons why eyelash extensions are so popular
Astonishing Transformation


1.       It adds Volume And Length

Every woman’s beauty regimen tells to have lash curlers, falsies or mascara. In order to get the volume and length, it is important to apply one of these methods each day as the beauty industry creates some formulae to get the perfect look. Eyelash extension helps to achieve a whole new level of charm, adding more beauty to your face. These beautiful lashes last for about 6 weeks and need short time touch-ups after that for keeping up.

What is Better: Lash Lifts or Lash Extensions?


Lash lifting is the less expensive option. A lash lift will typically cost between $80 and $100, and the effect usually lasts for around eight to twelve weeks, at which point new lashes will begin to replace the treated set. Extensions, however, will set you back anywhere between $ and $250 and they only last between two and four weeks (depending on how you care for them). Lash lifts are also low maintenance aft, and unlike lash extensions, you won’t need to pay to have them topped up after a few weeks ($65) or removed ($20).


A lash lift is a semi-permanent treatment that curls your eyelashes from base to tip so you can see their full length.

     Unlike a lash extension, a lash lift simply alters the shape and color of your natural lashes.

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