Summer for Your Lash Extensions

They often avoid hot tubs, showers, and swimming pools – for fear that those gorgeous extensions will fall off when they make contact with the water. After all, how can you keep them clean and avoid infection and irritation if you never get them wet? We encourage you to gently wash and rinse them daily to remove debris, sweat, and bacteria that could create problems if left unaddressed.


  • Yes, get out there and swim. It’s not only a rite of summer enjoyment but great exercise too!
  • If you’re swimming in a chlorinated pool, try to wear goggles if possible. If not, rinse your eyes and lashes when you’re done – and don’t rub your eyes, since that can damage the extensions.
  • Freshwater lakes and saltwater environments are perfectly safe for your extensions. That no-rub rule still applies, though!
  • Be careful with sunscreen, since it can weaken the adhesive and potentially damage extensions.

It’s important to have fun during the summer months and enjoy all those great outdoor activities. To get the best eyelash extensions in Orange, CA, and learn how to care for them while enjoying your summertime adventures properly, contact us today.

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