Prices Vary So Much?

there are three main reasons why the price of a full set or a refill differ between lash technicians.

  1. Experience

  2.        Location

  3.              Product


A recent graduate of lash extension training will start out at about 50% of what a seasoned lash artist will be charging. New lashers will be slower, extremely cautious and a little nervous. They may not be getting the maximum number of lashes on that a seasoned lash artist will. Most newbies will get about 45-60 per eye, depending on the time spent. Seasoned experts will fill every available healthy lash. We don’t count how many, we just fill them up!

Keeping this in mind, it only makes sense that a newer lash artist will be charging a fee that is much less in the beginning. As they improve their skills and timing – they will raise their prices.


You can expect to pay more in major cities than in a rural town. Some of the factors that play into these price differences are:

  • Cost of space to perform the service
  • Cost of shipping supplies
  • Demand for the service

You will also find, the highest price for a full set of lash extensions will be at high-end resorts or spas. These type of businesses always set their fees higher due to the premium to stay there. People expect to pay more at resorts, so they charge accordingly.


This one’s fairly self-explanatory. Lash artists who are using more expensive products are going to be charging more for their services to cover these costs. It’s worth mentioning, however, that simply paying more doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed higher quality. So shop around and be informed.

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