My Experience With Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are the beauty girl hack that saves you minutes in your daily makeup routine and stops you from having to sneak to the bathroom in the morning after an ~adult sleepover~ to re-mascara, so you can bat your lashes and make them fall in love with you all over again.

But what happens during an eyelash extension treatment? Does it hurt? How long do they last? And is it even worth it?

How long did the eyelash extension process take?

The process took around 3.5 hours. It would have been a lot less time if it wasn’t for the fact that my eyes kept watering. I have really sensitive eyes, so they were wet, haha. I’m probably a bit of a nightmare client.

The process wasn’t painful, though, the glue was just a bit strong for my eyes. My sister had hers done by Jo with the same hybrid lash style and it took her 2 hours in contrast


Not. There isn’t any prodding or poking or scratching involved in the procedure, but if you open your eyes (even just a little bit) during the treatment, the fumes from the glue can make your eyes burn a little. It’s just a vaguely irritating sting, but it’s super avoidable if you keep your peepers shut.

The fumes crept into my eyeballs when I fell asleep and moved my eyes without realizing it. I wasn’t in pain but was just pissed that my eyes weren’t as relaxed as I was during my little snooze.


About 48 hours for the redness and watering to fully go away.


At the time this post goes live, I’ve had my extensions for 2 weeks. Quite a few of the eyelashes have fallen out but that’s because I’m not the most careful with my lashes when I brush them with a spoolie and most of the lashes were applied wet, which means the glue didn’t stick as well.

I’d like to point out, though, that only one of my natural lashes has come out. Just one. So for people saying that getting extensions will ruin your natural lashes, I’d like to clarify that’s not been the case for me. It probably would be if you yanked them out, so just be mindful.

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