How often should I schedule touch-up appointments?

The frequency of touch-up appointments for lash extensions can vary based on several factors, including the growth rate of your natural lashes, your daily routine, and how well you maintain your lash extensions. In general, touch-up appointments are recommended every 2-3 weeks to maintain the fullness and length of your lash extensions.

During a touch-up appointment, your lash artist will remove any loose or grown-out extensions and replace them with new ones to ensure that your lashes look full and even. If you wait too long between touch-ups, you may require a more extensive, time-consuming fill to achieve the desired look.

It’s essential to communicate with your lash artist and follow their recommendations for touch-up appointments based on your individual needs. They can assess the condition of your lash extensions and provide guidance on the best schedule for touch-ups based on your natural lash growth and daily routine.

Remember that proper maintenance, such as avoiding oil-based products and gently brushing your lash extensions, can help prolong the life of your extensions and reduce the frequency of touch-up appointments.

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