What are the benefits of eyelashes extension? 

Eyelash Extension is a must-have that every woman should have. Let’s be honest with ourselves, who does not want bigger, thicker, voluminous eyelashes? Who wants to deal with falsies that will start falling off at the end of the night? 

Traditional false eyelashes, which you remove after each use, are applied directly to the skin and have pre-designed depth and layers that don’t take your unique eye shape into account. Extensions, on the other hand, are attached to the lashes themselves. They grow naturally and can be customizable with specific depth and to the eye shape for the exact effect, for the desired look.

Eyelashes Extensions is definitively an investment, even though it cost a bit in the first initial when getting it done. The refills to get it redone are a lot cheaper, it will last until a few weeks or a few months if possible. Before getting a whole new set of lashes.

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